NEW!  As of Spring 2017, we are happy to offer a Full Day School Class Trip option!  Click on the orange button below for more information.

Learning in the Woods is located at 371 Old Guelph Road, a 4 acre wooded lot off of highway 6.  It has direct access to the Bruce Trail and is located along the commuter corridor.   The property provides ample opportunity for outdoor exploration and natural play.  We have a rustic learning cabin for anyone who needs to get out of the elements and our washroom facilities are even more rustic – an outhouse!​​

Our Programs:

Dancing in the Woods:  New in Summer 2017! Kinga Zak will lead participants through 1 hour of dance with meditation at the end. All ages are welcome to participate - children and adults! Relax and connect with yourself as a part of nature - no dance experience required - anyone can do this. There is no wrong or right way! There will be a second facilitator for the kids in case they don't feel like dancing in that moment and rather explore the surroundings - so there is no pressure and parents can rejuvenate their body & mind in peace.

Self-Connecting in the Woods:  New in Spring 2017!  A self-awareness program for moms with a consecutive, shortened Learning in the Woods program for the kids!  Allow yourself to be guided through time and nature leading to inner connection and deeper self-awareness while your child participates in a shortened version of Learning in the Woods lead by experienced facilitators.  This 6 week, 1.5 hour session includes a guided meditation in nature and group discussion. Children attending Learning in the Woods may interrupt as needed. 

Baby Connect:  New in Spring 2017!  This program is for moms who are looking for more connection!  More connection to themselves (motherhood can be a transformative experience!), a deeper connection to their babies, and new connections to moms who are on similar paths.  This 8 week program is run by Lesley Sardo of Collective Coaching and is best suited for babies who are non-walkers and early walkers or 0-18 months.  Free play for babes and paradigm shift thinking for moms!  Stepping Stones will be offered simultaneously for moms who wish to enroll their child in that program.  However, if the older child still requires significant assistance from mom, this wouldn't be a good fit.

Stepping Stones:  This program is for children who still require significant support from a parent or caregiver and are 18 months-6 years.  The program follows the same structure and rules as the children's Learning in the Woods but for a shorter period of time.  Caregivers will be exposed to topics related to Self-Directed Education.  Each season is 8 sessions long. 

Learning in the Woods:  This program is for children who want more freedom to explore in a multi-age child-lead environment.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer, or, like other recreational programs, be available for immediate pick-up (should we need to cancel due to changes in weather).  Weekdays the sessions run for kids under 6 years and homeschooling families and Saturdays, PA Days, and camp offerings are available for kids in school.  Learning in the Woods Fall, Winter, and Spring Rates are $226 including HST per child attending one 2.5 hour session a week, running 10 weeks.  You are welcome to sign up for more than one session per week.  After an Arrival Meeting (Check in, Announcements, Offerings), children play or take part in "offerings" which are activities that others are invited to participate if they feel inspired. These can range from building a fort, nature walk, meditation, bird watching, painting...the list is as varied as the people participating.  Sharing our interests and gifts is part of the learning process at Learning in the Woods.  Children eat their snack from home when they are hungry, there is no set snack time. We finish our time together with a meeting to close (sharing appreciations, gratitude, learning, etc.)