Learning in the Woods School Trips

Self-directed learning, free play, nature play…these buzz words apply to learners of all ages and we welcome any age group to Learning in the Woods.  
Our little slice of nature has an interesting story.  With its location so close to a busy roadway and down a steep ravine, the land was not considered to be valuable, at least for traditional human uses.  Looking for a place for kids to experience a bit of freedom and self-discovery, the land became Learning in the Woods; a place for children to explore, discover, and connect. 

​Most inquiries we receive are for primary aged children, so we will gear this outline to that age group, but we are happy to work with junior, intermediate, or senior learners as well.  Any outline can be tailored to the learners who join us in the woods.  Part of the joy for children who attend Learning in the Woods is experiencing a sense of freedom. To achieve this, we usually have small groups of kids and high facilitator-child ratios.  It is for this reason that we like to accept class sizes of no more than 25 kids (contact us if you have more than that).  After arrival, learners are divided into 2 groups so that each group has 7-15 learners and 2-3 facilitators.  Here is a suggested outline of the day for school children who attend Learning in the Woods.

Bus arrival, group split-off (approximately 9:30)
Group welcome meeting (reminders, offerings, and feeling check-in)
Offerings and exploration time
Tidy-up, meeting to do a “STOP” check-in (Approximately 11:30)
Hike on the Bruce Trail (curriculum-based activity done on the hike if requested)  (approximately 12:00)
Group reconvenes for a mindfulness activity, Feeling check-in, and “STOP” meeting (Approximately 2:00)
Buses depart (Approximately 2:30)

Metacognition, oral communication, and science naturally emerge during a Learning in the Woods session but if you have a specific reason for attending Learning in the Woods, we are happy to cater to your units and specific expectations.  Here are some other activities that we would suggest;

-hike seed collection, sorting, and plant identification (Science)

-signs of the season, discussion of previous season or season ahead (Science)

-textures in nature (rubbings collage) and discussion of textures (Science and Art)

-Nature Journal Entry (Written Language)

-Poetry in the Woods (Written Language)

-Math in Nature; symmetry, patterning, shapes (Math)

-Bug Charts and Graphs (Math)

Learning in the Woods is a rain or shine class trip, so please advise your class to dress appropriately.  If there is severe wind or thunderstorms, we will reschedule.  Children are asked to bring extra water and food, preferably in reusable containers and we do not have a set nutrition break, so children are encouraged to get in tune with their bodies and eat and drink when they are hungry or thirsty.

Adults attending Learning in the Woods are asked to read over our volunteer guidelines.  Facilitators will happily lead events and volunteers are encouraged to observe and support.  

We have a financial policy at Learning in the Woods that we would like you to extend to the families in your class.  We would like to receive $40 per student for this full day program but we recognize that different families have different financial situations and we do not want money to be a deterrent to a child experiencing Learning in the Woods.  Families are welcome to contribute a different amount of their choosing based on our wish to provide this experience for as many children as possible.

Learning in the Woods is located at 371 Old Guelph Road, directly beside Hwy 6.  

If you are interested, please send an email to Tanya litw@welearnnaturally.com