What should my child wear/bring?

Basically your child will need to bring a backpack with water bottle, snack, full change of clothes, and outerwear that is appropriate for the season (including back ups incase an item gets wet).  Close toed shoes only (no sandals) along with lightweight long pants to protect your child from scratches and bug bites.

What if the program lands on a holiday?

We will not run programs on statutory holidays.

How are we notified about cancelations?

Cancellations will be decided by 7:30am the morning of a session, if not sooner.  You will receive a phone call to your primary phone number and an email.

Are there make up dates for cancelations & missed sessions?

Yes, we have planned to allow 2 extra dates each session to make up for weather cancelations.  If you miss a day due to illness or appointments, you are welcome to make up the session by joining another group so long as there is room.  Please contact us to make this arrangement in advance.

What happens if it rains or there is bad weather?

We continue to play and enjoy the rain.  If a child is dressed properly they are able to be outside in slightly inclimite weather and learn new things that they hadn’t noticed before. 

Check your email  if you suspect there will be a weather cancellation.  If the weather suddenly changes to dangerous conditions throughout the day our staff will make every effort to contact parents and let them know.

What types of things will my child be doing?

It is very difficult to describe all the learning that will happen in the woods.  Some activities include: climbing, building, digging, running, counting, observing, creating, playing, imagining, and hiking.  The children will also be developing amazing social skills through democratic meetings, negotiating, communicating, working together, sharing their thoughts/feelings, and playing together.  Participants make offerings to the group at the welcome meeting and anyone who is interested can take part in that offering.  Kids are also welcome to just do their own thing too.

What happens in case of emergencies?

Parents should be available for immediate care of their children, should they require it.  In addition, one or more staff will always have a cell phone with them.  In case of an emergency the appropriate emergencies will be contacted.  If only one or two children are involved, the rest of the kids will remain in the program with the other staff.  If it becomes necessary, all children will be required to meet their caregivers at the top of the property.

Why the mixed ages?  What is the benefit of mixed ages?

We believe that children will benefit and learn so much more from each other when there are a variety of ages playing together.  We know that children all develop at different rates, so a mixed age environments allows children to fit in no matter what stage they are at.  No matter what the age, children will be able to teach each other and solidify their own learning.  They also practice patience and gain leadership skills.

Any resources to help us understand more about the philosophy?

Please check out "About Us" and  our Facebook Page for a variety of articles that support the philosophy behind our programs.  

What if my child has to go the bathroom?

Children will have the option to make use of trees if they are comfortable with that, or our outhouse with a compostable toilet.  For younger children, we ask that parents please take dirty diapers and pull-ups with them.

Is snack provided?

No.  We will have a snack time for children to gather and eat together.  We ask that parents send a snack and drink (NO NUTS PLEASE) for their child.

What if I have another question that hasn’t been answered here?

We would love to hear from you if you have any other questions or concerns that we can address.  Visit our contact page for ways to connect with us.