Clothing Lists for All Seasons

Dressed properly, children can enjoy their experience in the outdoors regardless of the weather. Learning how to dress appropriately is part of the experience.
Please send your child with a back pack including a water bottle, snacks, full change of clothing and appropriate outerwear.  Ideally it would be best to also send an extra set of outerwear incase an item gets wet/muddy in the woods.

Summer/Early Fall/Late Spring (hot and warm weather)

      Closed-toe, supportive shoes
      Long pants (pants will protect your child from scratches and insect bites)
      Waterproof rain gear—pants and jacket
      Rain boots
      Sun hat
      Sunscreen, bug spray (optional)

Late Fall/Early Spring (cool weather)

Same as early fall plus:
      Long john top and bottom
      Warm top layer and pants (thick fleece is ideal) that fit under the rain gear

Winter (cold weather)

Students must have appropriate winter clothing to safely participate in the program especially in the winter months.

Base Layer (closest to the body):
      Long johns top and bottom—not cotton because cotton absorbs sweat and can make your child cold. Silk is great, but expensive; wool works, but can be itchy. Synthetic is the most affordable and effective.
      Non-cotton, reasonably thick socks (wool)

Insulating Layer (between base layer and outer layer):
      Fleece pants—Fleece keeps the body much warmer than cotton. As they say, “Cotton is Rotten”.
      Fleece jacket or pull-over

Outer Layer (top-most layer):
      Water-resistant snow suit (for younger children, ideally one piece; for older children, ideally a jacket with bib pants to insulate the upper body)
      Winter boots
      Non-cotton hat/tuque (snug-fitting that covers the ears)—fleece or thick, tightly knit wool.  Please send an extra hat.
      Neck-warmer (fleece)—It is much safer for children to wear tube neck-warmers than scarves in the woods.
      Insulated mittens with water resistant outer material.  Please send an extra pair of mittens.