Freedom to grow.    Support to learn.    Nurturance to become.

Welcome to We Learn Naturally.  The word "naturally" can apply to so many aspects of our lives but our focus is on natural learning in the sense that people do not have to be manipulated or forced to learn.  Learning through natural interests and non-coercive means can be just as effective, if not more.  To us, natural learning doesn't necessarily mean learning through nature or avoiding technology.  It's "self-directed learning", where individuals take the initiative in deciding what they need to learn, how they will learn, and when to change directions in their learning.  Natural learning is more meaningful and satisfying for the learner, often creating a deeper understanding of the topics explored.  But this style of learning requires the right environment.  And that's our mission... provide a supportive, learning environment that helps individuals reach their full potential according to their innate rhythm and natural skill set in our modern world. 

We achieve our mission by providing an environment that promotes self-awareness, connection to others, and ample unstructured time to cultivate connections and achieve learning "flow".  We offer programs serving children, parents, and caregivers in the Hamilton-Burlington area. 

Watch our video to get a quick overview of what it means to be a part of our recreational program Learning in the Woods.